Constructing their online archive

FugaziWe’d have to go back to the early Autumn of 2001, when they released The Argument, to find the last new tracks published by Fugazi. Although it has to be said: with the Joe Lally co-ordinated Fugazi – Live CD Series, about thirty records worth of live recordings have been put at fans’ fingertips over the past few years. Selected by the band from their own archives, the recordings date from their first concert at the Wilson Center in Washington DC in September 1987 and end with their last, in November 2002 at The Forum in London. This archive of recordings will soon have a dedicated place. In a recent interview with fan site World of Fugazi, Guy Picciotto revealed that the band have almost finished digitising their archive for their new website (still currently under construction), which will permit the free download of “practically each and every one of the shows” Fugazi have ever done. It’s expected that Dischord will announce the launch of this online archive before the end of the year, which has kickstarted rumours about the possible return of the band (even though they never officially cease to exist). Could this be true?


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