Fritz Kalkbrenner

The conscience of the provisional

You are probably familiar with his last name. Fritz Kalkbrenner is Paul Kalkbrenner’s little brother. And though most people will know him from the emotional power of Sky and Sand, produced by his brother for the soundtrack of Berlin Calling, Fritz has been working on his career since 2002, either lending his voice to others ( Sascha Funke, Alexander Kowalski) or releasing music on labels like BPitch, Suol or Baalsaal Music. With a couple of 12”s to his name, Fritz Kalkbrenner is now ready to convince us on LP. His first longplayer, a collection of twelve songs –with intro and outro- balanced between tracks to dance to and songs to listen to, will be released round 15th October on Suol.

Fritz Kalkbrenner - “Here Today Gone Tomorrow”01. Intro 02. Kings in Exile 03. Right in the Dark 04. Amy Was a Player 05. Collage 06. Was Right Been Wrong 07. Grove 08. Facing the Sun 09. Simple Sample Action 10. Arms of Mine 11. Wichita Lineman 12. Sideways & Avenues 13. Out of the Box Office 14. Outro

Fritz Kalkbrenner - Grove Fritz Kalkbrenner - Was Right Been Wrong

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