Fred Ventura

Unreleased material on Italians Do It Better

Fred Ventura – The Years

Fred Ventura, one of the icons of Italo disco, will release his first original record since 1989 on Italians Do It Better. The mythical vocalist, who lent his voice to some of the most legendary tracks of the genre, met Johnny Jewel and company in Bolognia during their most recent Desire tour. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that’s now bearing its first fruits, as the always alert Mike Simonetti (the label’s head honcho) didn’t waste any time talking to Ventura about the possibility of any solo efforts from the eighties that remained unreleased to date. Et voilà, a few months later, a package arrived at the IDIB offices containing almost 90 unreleased tracks recorded between 1982 and 1987, which had so far only been heard by Ventura and his closest friends. From that pile of songs, the label picked 18 for the first album by the Italian since “East & West” (Time Records, 1989). The record will be called “Don’t Give Up” and will be out in two months time. To fire up the engines, the American label will release a single featuring “ The Years (Go By)”, one of Ventura’s most famous songs, plus two tracks from the unreleased material. The EP will be out on 11th July, only on vinyl. To the right of here, you’ll find the tracklist.

The Years

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