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Franceso TristanoThe French InFiné label has just released details of the third album by Francesco Tristano, the talented pianist you will undoubtedly know as a collaborator of techno luminaries such as Moritz Von Oswald and Carl Craig. And it’s his work with Carl Craig that provides much of the source materials for “Idiosynkrasia”, an album of which the title is also a declaration of intent. “This record is the fruit of a quest for an idiosyncratic language that is somewhere between acoustic and electronic, a quest that spans time and space, and I want to bring the piano into the 21st century. My ambition is to provide the piano with a new identity, because it is often associated with classical music and viewed as an instrument of the past, while I genuinely see it as an instrument of the future.”

Carl Craig gave Tristano the opportunity to use the facilities of his Planet E studios. There, looking to capture the augmented resonance of the Detroit atmosphere, Tristano has recorded a new collection of songs that reside at the crossroads between various genres, amalgamating classical music and techno, and investigating the past of the Motor City as the birthplace of Motown in search of a minimal neo-funk vibe, palpable on tracks like “ Eastern Market”. “Idiosynkrasia” will be released in early November.

Franceso Tristano - “Idiosynkrasia”01. Mambo 02. Nach Wasser Noch Erde 03. Wilson 04. Idiosynkrasia 05. Fragrance De Fraga 06. Lastdays 07. Eastern Market 08. Single and Doppio 09. Hello - Inner Space Dub

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