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While we’re counting the days until 19th September, the release date, and details are coming in now about the upcoming episode of FabricLive from Four Tet - one of the most anticipated DJ mix albums of the season. Judging from the tracklist, expectations are sky-high. Kieren Hebden has really done an archaeological dig to come up with this astonishing selection, which is mainly built on obscure gems. The mix starts with a track by veteran electro-acoustic experimentalist Michel Redolfi, starting off a collection of 27 tracks from nineties 2-step/garage (Crazy Bald Heads, Persian, Genius), UK funky (Apple), Chicago house (Armando & Steve Pointdexter), grime (Musical Mob), hardcore (WK7) and minimal synth (David Borden), among other things. Moreover, there are also some cuts by some of his favourite contemporary producers (Burial, Floating Points, Villalobos) and three of his own tracks, one of which is peviously unreleased.

Hebden stated that he’s spent time “meeting specialist record dealers, months of email exchanges with old friends and acquaintances, twittering, nights on discogs, dead ends and confusing leads”. One detail that draws our attention is the inclusion of his own “Fabric”, an amalgamation of field recordings made in the London club, reflecting the atmosphere of the venue. Because, as the man explains, “This mix is not about my DJing. It's about London and Fabric and nights out and my take on all that. The memories and the influences.” The set was recorded on the computer but using vinyl rips, which makes for an extra bit of warmth in the sound. And check out that spectacular sleeve pic.

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