Forest Swords

New recordings in “self-destructing” format

Forest Swords Abandon Normal Devices, the festival dedicated to experimental cinema and digital culture, commissioned three tracks that “self-destruct” from Forest Swords . The material will be “played” during the event and will never again be performed after that. At least, according to the press release emitted by the festival. It also states that the music will be “recorded” on X-ray paper (emulating a technique used to distribute “sensitive” material during the Cold War), which means that the first time it's reproduced will also be the last. The pieces will be presented during the Spectres of Spectacle showcase focused on the concept of hauntology. We know that the compositions by Forest Swords are inspired by recordings of his father singing about several unknown places in Liverpool and that they were made with the help of producer Samizdat. The performance on 29th September at Static in Liverpool will also feature visual artists Anat Ben David and Victoria Gray. We know, it all sounds rather vague, so the best thing to do is to see for yourself - in person or via the streaming of the event on

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