Flying Lotus

Remixing Radiohead

It is a known fact that Flying Lotus and Radiohead get along pretty well. FlyLo expressed his admiration for the British band on more than one occasion, and the collaboration with Yorke on “Cosmogramma”, the Oxford man’s recent DJ set at Low End Theory and all the times the Angelino played “Idiotheque” during his own sets bear witness of that. Now, a new chapter in that productive relationship starts with the beatsmith’s announcement about him being in the process of remixing part of the material of “The King Of Limbs”. The expression used by FlyLo ( “They wanted me to remix the new Radiohead record, and I've been trying to mess with that a little bit. But I haven't gotten to it yet.”) has the users of fan site Radiohead at Ease speculating about the Brainfeeder capo possibly remixing all of the album, but that hasn’t been officially confirmed by any party. There are no more details known about release date and what not, but what we can give you is FlyLo’s latest mix, “Lovers Melt”, his contribution to the Stones Throw podcast. Download it here.

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