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Flying Lotus TriggerIf you liked “Cosmogramma” (Warp, 2010) enough to want to get your hands on some of the album’s outtakes, here’s your chance. Well, first you’ll have to get a copy of the original album, be it on physical format or digital. Flying Lotus has collected a series of discarded tracks and alternative takes on some of the “Cosmogramma” songs in a digital folder which, for now, can only be downloaded after having confirmed your ownership of an official copy of the album. Jeff Crouse, in collaboration with Warp Records, has developed an augmented reality image recognition application that can recognise the artwork of FlyLo’s most recent longplayer. To get the goodies, you only need a webcam with which to capture the images on the CD, the label on the vinyl record or the poster that comes with the album. If you have a digital copy, you can use the PDF included in the download. You can find the app, simply called “Trigger”, here. And here’s a video showing how to use it.{youtube }IJEGk0wwvRY{/youtube}

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