Fly Russia

Russian beat panorama

Fly RussiaA few days ago we told you about Finest Ego (Project: Mooncircle), a compilation of emerging artists from the Japanese beatmaking scene. Today it’s the turn of Eastern Europe, Russia in particular. Siberia-based collective Gimme5 is responsible for selecting the cuts included in “Fly Russia”, a digital compilation featuring the work of new Russian producers (most of them from the Moscow scene) related to the new wonky beat scene. Pixelord, DZA, Lapti, Kontext, Miracle Libido, Demokracy, OL, 813, Maguett, Nocow and Moa Pillar are some of the artists included in an album to be released by Error Broadcast on 13th September. Also from that date, “Fly Russia” can be downloaded for free on Error Broadcast’s web. If you want a high-quality version (320kbps o losseless), you’ll have to search for the album in the main digital music stores via Alpha Pup Distribution..

Var.- Fly Russia01. Moa Pillar - Water Lily02. Dza - J-Dat Inc. (Listening Md In Dub)03. 813 - Zondor Fo04. Pixelord - Cheese Freak05. Ol - Kombi06. Nocow - Dynamicize07. Save - Slaves Vote08. Appleyard - Stereo Start09. Miracle Libido - Synesthesia10. Maguett - Orange Flame11. Wols - Batyscaphe Finds A Music Box12. Demokracy - Shapeshifter13. Damscray - T-Probe14. Myown - Let's Make Nice15. Kontext - Surrogat16. Nocow - Moai *17. Lapti - Circadian Rhythms *

[* bonus tracks on the lossless version of the compilation]

Damscray - “T-Probe” 813 - Zondor Fo

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