Floating Points & Fatima

Follow You

After their sumptuous collaboration on “ Post Suite/ Almost in Profile” (Ninja Tune, 2010), the first record by Floating Points Ensemble, producer Samuel T Sheperd ( Floating Points) and songstress Fatima Bramme-Sey (better known as Fatima) team up once again. This time their association has resulted in a collaborative EP for Eglo, the label of the experienced Sam Sheperd and Alexander Nut. The 12” will be called “ Follow You” and includes four tracks full of ethereal jazz, defined by delicate forms and with a melancholic shine and icy atmospheres. Four songs on which the versatile talent for sonic architecture of the British prodigy and the velvet voice of the singer with Senegalese roots once again blend together in a sea of delicately pulsating beauty. On the streets on 9th May. Floating Pints & Fatima - Mind (radio rip) Floating Points - Love Me Like This (2009)

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