Finest Ego

Russian Beatmaker Compilation

Finest Ego Russian Beatmaker CompilationThere’s no smoke without fire. Applied to this context means: when they insist from different fronts on paying attention to the same creative environment—the new Russian beatmaking scene in this case—it’s because something very interesting is going on. First it was “Fly Russia”, that digital compilation featuring Pixelord, DZA, Lapti, Demokracy, OL, 813 and Moa Pillar amongst others—released in mid-September through Error Broadcast. Now we know that parallel to that, the German label Project: Mooncircle was also working on a compilation of new Russian beats. The album, the second of the series “Finest Ego” (the first one was devoted to Japanese abstract hip hop), will hit stores on 3rd December featuring tracks by Pavel Dovgal, DZA, Pixelord, Demokracy, Moa Pillar, Arktor, Shawalski, Myown, Nienvox, 813 and Long Arm. The same, but different.

Var.- Finest Ego. Russian Beatmaker Compilation01. Is On Fire by Pavel Dovgal02. Zero One by Pixelord03. Searchlight by Demokracy04. Way Of Wind by Moa Pillar05. Henry Dorsett Case by Arktor06. Fireball by DZA07. Gettin Hi by Shawalski08. Vladislav Kovac by Myown09. Hairs by Nienvox10. Gamma by 81311. The Roots by Long Arm

Finest Ego | Russian Beatmaker Compilation (Snippet)

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