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Finest EgoLos Angeles, New York, London, Glasgow... the map of international beat has it’s cardinal spots in these cities, capitals where the abstract hip hop virus and wonky beats are popping up at one thousand and one locations, reaching every corner of the Western world. The European (continental) beat scene is well documented thanks to labels like All City, Warp, Werk, LuckyMe, Nod Navigators, Error Broadcast, Tokyo Dawn, Lo Fi Funk and Arkestra, but does anyone know what’s happening with new beatmaking material in remote areas like Japan? To shed some light on the subject comes “Finest Ego”, a compilation album commissioned by the team at Project: Mooncircle which brings together a dozen of cuts from emerging artists like BudaMunk, Daisuke Tanabe, The Astronotes, Ogiyy, ichiro and Himuro Yoshiteru. The album will be available on 1st September on digital download format. Varios - Finest Ego. Japanese Beatmaker Compilation01. BudaMunk - Samurai Assassin02. a.z - Spotless03. The Astronotes - Soul Miner04. RLP - Cheat Cords05. SATO- On The Runn06. Ogiyy - In This Moment07. Ferrari – Before Red08. ichiro_ - Sumiyoshiichiro09. DJ Olive Oil - Jap Angele10. Eccy - Chrome11. Himuro Yoshiteru - Drip Something On Your Palette12. Daisuke Tanabe - Witch Hunt

Finest Ego. Japanese Beatmaker Compilation (snippet)

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