Fever Ray

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Fever RayJust watch their uneasy music videos, elaborate promo pictures and efforts to adorn the stages where they play, and you won’t be surprised if we tell you that Karin Elisabeth Dreijer is into scenic fantasy, costumes, make-up and acting, and that Fever Ray will soon be on the big screen.

After recent involvement in the scenic adaptation of “Vargtimmen” (a film by Ingmar Bergman from 1968) directed by her friend and collaborator Andreas Nilsson (pre-order here the tickets for it’s premiere on 12th March at Stockholm’s Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern), Karin has worked under the direction of Catherine Hardwicke (director of “Twilight”, amongst other films). Fever Ray, together with composer Brian Reitzell, has prepared a new song to be included on the score of Hardwicke’s film, a cover version of Red Riding Hood. Karin appears in the film playing the song, which has been chosen as the trailer soundtrack. In a recent interview given to the L.A. Times, Hardwicke described the role of Karin in the film: “We commissioned this band from Sweden called Fever Ray. She's always performing in radical costumes, she's like the Lady Gaga of Sweden. In our movie she's wearing a harvest mask with a corn husk face and she's singing and everybody's dancing and singing. Of course it all goes to hell soon enough but it's fun for a while."

The film will be premiered in March next year.

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