Fennesz + Emeralds

Vinyl re-releases

Fennesz Editions MegoIn these times of experimentation in the digital realm, the Viennese platform Editions Mego seems to have found a new niche in the reissuing of vinyl albums. In a very near future, two emblematic albums by Christian Fennesz and Emeralds( “Endless Summer” and “What Happened”) will be released in a 2 LP format of high g/m2. The vinyl of “Endless Summer” (Mego, 2001), among Fennesz’s most significant and influential albums, has been out of print for a decade. The new reissue by Editions Mego will add to the album’s official tracklist the extended version of “Happy Audio” plus two additional tracks, “Ohne Sonne” and “47 Blues”. Until now these have only been available as a bonus with the Japanese version of the album. In the case of Emeralds, this is the first time their album “What Happened” (No Fun, 2009) will be released on vinyl. The official released date for both albums is 5th November. Pre-order a copy on Editions Mego’s online store.

Emeralds – “What Happened”A1. Alive in the Sea of Information A2. 
Up in the Air B1. 
Damaged Kids C1. 
Living Room D1. 
Disappearing Ink

Fennesz - “Endless Summer” A1. Made In Hong Kong A2. Endless Summer A3. Ohne Sonne B1. A Year In A Minute B2, Caecilia B3. Got To Move On B4. Endless C1. Shisheido C2. Before I Leave C3. Badminton Girl C4. Blues D1. Happy Audio (forever)

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