Ode To Illmatic (Mixtape)

FashawnIf you do some research -or search through our magazine’s archive- looking for reviews of the great debut album by Californian MC, Fashawn, you’ll see there is one particular reference that crops up, likening his conscious and intelligent rap -simultaneously emotional and reflecting day-to-day life in the most disadvantaged of African-American communities- on Boy Meets World (One, 2009) with the earnest flow of Nas, circa Illmatic (1994). It seems there was some truth in those observations, as Fashawn has now dedicated a whole mixtape in tribute to that album. Fashawn has chosen ten instrumentals tracks from the legendary debut album by Nas as the backdrop for new rhymes. “ What I wanted to do with this was pay homage to the God, Nas Escobar, one of the greatest MCs of my generation, of our generation, and I want to pay homage to this album ... ’cause Illmatic was one of them kinda albums that really impacted my life in a big way so hopefully this does the same for you.” Those are the words of Fashawn to XXL Mag, which incidentally, in collaboration with the clothing label Orisue, is offering a free download from Ode to Illmatic here.

Fashawn – “Ode to Illmatic”

01. The Genesis02. C.A. State of Mind03. Life's A Bitch (ft. Talib Kweli)04. The World Is Yours05. Halftime06. Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park)07. One Love08. One Time For Your Mind09. Represent10. It Ain't Hard To Tell*Represent remix [Produced by DJ Qvali] (bonus track)

Fashawn . CA State of Mind.mp3


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