Sin Fang

Summer echoes

altIcelander Sindri Már Sigfússon is a working man, with an enviable working ethos, rigorous when it comes to splitting his time. If one year there is a record by Seabear (the band he is a member of), the next he’ll release one on his own. That’s why, only seven months after “We Built a Fire” (Morr, 2010), Morr Music announces the arrival of the second album of Sin Fang (this time without the “Bous” addition), his most experimental alter ego, dedicated to bedroom folk-pop that sometimes dresses up in light indietronic disguises. Sindri’s new longplayer will be called “Summer Echoes” and, according to Morr, it will show a cleaner version of Sin Fang. This time, Sigfússon has chosen a less self-sufficient way of working –he played all the instruments on his debut album, “Clangour”, himself– recruiting various musician friends (members of múm, Amiina and Seabear) and recording the record (away from his home studio) at Sigur Rós’s Sundlaugin Studio. The sound of “Summer Echoes” is, therefore, less lo-fi and more transparent, oscillating between piano ballads, light-hearted folk-pop and the orchestral pop of tracks like “Because Of The Blood”. The record will be out on 4th March, preceded by a single, “Because Of The Blood/Two Boys”, released on 7” in February.{soundcloud}{/soundcloud}{soundcloud}{/soundcloud}{soundcloud}{/soundcloud}

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