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FaltyDL Planet Mu Yesterday, the enlightened Mike Paradinas brought some good news from his label, the holy house of Planet Mu, for the coming months. As the first release of 2011, 31st January will see the coming of “14 tracks from Planet Mu”, a compilation at a friendly price (14 tracks, four of which are previously unreleased and exclusive, for the price of a single) including the work of some of the label’s new signings. The label will continue its pro-footwork crusade with “Man I Do It”, the first EP for Planet Mu of DJ Spinn (in stores by the end of February), before releasing (around May) the first album by Chrissy Murderbot, producer of “mutant juke”, in the words of the label. Those two releases will be accompanied by a European tour of DJs and dancers from the Chicago footwork scene. More details about the tour soon.

In terms of albums, the return of Boxcutter is upon us, with “The Dissolve” on the streets at the end of April, a record that promises to be very different from his previous efforts. Also, evolved and different, and leaning further towards balmy house and dense hip-hop, is the second album by Drew Cyrus Lustman a.k.a FaltyDL. The record will be called “You Stand Uncertain”, and will be out on 14th March. Click on this link to go to the Planet Mu website to hear snippets of all of the album’s tracks.


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