Fall On Your Sword

New signing on DFA

Fall On Your Sword are from Brooklyn and they’re a production team and a studio specialising in soundtracks, at the same time. Behind the project are two veterans of the American music industry: Will Bates, who has worked with legends like Roy Ayers and Paul McCartney, and Phil Mossman, a member of the original LCD Soundsystem and maker of the score of “Ocean's Eleven”, among other things. Though they’ve only been working together since last year, the two have already had time to make five soundtracks and have won a prestigious Clio award. To complete this smudgeproof CV, their debut release will come out on DFA, which isn’t entirely surprisingly given Mossman’s relationship with James Murphy. Their first single for the New York label contains the tracks “The First Time I Saw Jupiter” and “Rhoda's Theme”, extracts edited we suppose from the soundtrack of “Another Earth” . Judging from the titles (of both the film and the songs) the music will be cosmic. In this case, it was manufactured by mixing organic instruments and layers of synths, in complex and well developed compositions. The release is set for 26th July, on vinyl and digital.

The First Time I Saw Jupiter (Extended) by DFA Records The First Time I Saw Jupiter (Extended) by DFA Records Rhoda's Theme (Extended Mix) by DFA Records

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