Ezekiel Honig

Folding In On Itself

Ezekiel Honig  Folding In On Itself

After almost a decade of releases on labels in his own scene like Microcosm and Anticipate (his own imprint, dedicated to exploring the field where electronic ambient, electro-acoustic music and slow motion techno come together), New Yorker Ezekiel Honig will release his upcoming album on Type. “Folding In On Itself” is his debut on Xela’s label and probably his best work to date. Armed with a wide range of field recordings, processed acoustic instruments and his trademark tapping electronic percussion, Honig delivers a record full of melancholic and contemplative moods and, according to the press release, “conveys a sense that the things we grew up with and see disappear can never be recaptured.” The advance track shows an effort so delicate and touching that it’s surprising Honig and Type hadn’t teamed up before. The album will be out on LP in the first week of May. The CD will be out a few weeks later..

ezekiel honig - folding in on itself by pdis_inpartmaint

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