Experimentaclub 2010

Electronics and memory: revisiting sounds

Experimentaclub 2010In tune with Madrid’s cultural agenda, the people of the Experimentaclub festival have just revealed some initial details about the line-up of the upcoming edition, to take place between 1st and 3th October at the La Casa Encendida venue in Madrid. With the mantra, “Electronics and memory: revisiting sounds, codes and attitudes”, Experimentaclub once again keeps the balance between past and present with a slightly smaller programme in comparison to previous years. The recovered Seefeel, the unclassifiable iconoclast Ghédalia Tazartès and veteran Bernhard Günter (a key figure in the field of sonic art for the past two decades as the label boss of Trente Oiseaux, a composer interested in the worlds of electronic minimalism, acousmatics, field recordings and musique concrète-style sampling, and as author of such acclaimed works as 1994’s “Un peu de neige salie”). Also announced are Experimental Audio Research (the most experimental project of Peter Kember aka Sonic Boom, ex- Spacemen 3, a band with fluctuating members focussing on exploring non-musical textures), Carlos Giffoni (head of No Fun Productions and the driving force behind the No Fun Fest, presenting his most recent ventures in improvisation, analogic synthesis and electronic “dance” music under the No Fun Acid moniker), Nadja (writer and musician Aidan Baker exploring the depths of ambient doom metal alongside Leah Buckareff), and KTL (a project of Peter Rehberg aka Pita and metal doomster Stephen O'Malley from Sun O))) revolving around the most abrasive noise drones and dark ambient) are the biggest names on the bill for this anniversary edition (when Experimentaclub will turn ten), while there’s also room for workshops (by Roc Jimenez aka Evol regarding “Generative noise” and by Pablo Serret de Ena on the theme “Collective sonic installation”) and various conferences.

01/10 Friday

19:00 Conference: Superficial noise. The end of music, by Anki Toner. [Audiovisual room – Free entry]

20:00 E.A.R. (Experimental Audio Research) [Auditorium]21:00 Xesús Valle [Patio]22:00 Carlos Giffoni [Patio]22:45 Nadja [Patio]

02/10 Saturday

19:00 Colloquium: Electronics and memory: revisiting sounds, codes and attitudes ”. With Carlos Giffoni, Oriol Rossell and Javier Piñango [Audiovisual room – Free entry]

20:00 Ghédalia Tazartès [Auditorium]21:00 Tarek Atoui [Patio]22:00 Seefeel [Patio]

03/10 Domingo

18:00 Colloquium: Experimental Madrid: tales from Space P. With Karin Ohlenschläger, Rosa Galindo and Juan Antonio Lleó, among others. [Audiovisual room – Free entry]

20:00 Bernhard Günter [Auditorium]21:00 Livio Tragtenberg [Patio]22:00 KTL [Patio]

Tickets (3 € for every concert at the Auditorium, 6 € for every double session n the Patio) for this tenth edition of Experimentaclub will be available from Monday 6th September at all ATMs in the Caja Madrid network,, by phone (902 488 488, only from Spain) and at La Casa Encendida between 10 am and 9.45 pm.

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