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ExileYesterday Plug Research HQ announced that Radio (Plug Research, 2009), the album Exile has constructed from sounds and voice sampled from the radio, will soon have an appendix in the form of a double remix album. Coming on 31st August “AM/FM” it will include astral beats, hip-hop and nu-soul remixes by Take, Blu, Fashawn, Shafiq Husayn, Samiyam, Free The Robots, Clutchy Hopkins, Alchemist, Muhsinah, and Aloe Blacc of tracks taken from “Radio”. But there’s more: Exile received so many good remixes, he decided to make a second album, simply called “Exile Radio Bonus”, which has been available for free since a couple of days ago via Bandcamp. There are fifteen cuts in total – a mix of tracks that didn’t make it onto “Radio” and remixes by Teebs, Dibia$e, Marco Polo and DJ Rhettmatic. It’s downloadable here.

Exile - “AM/FM”01. Its Coming Down (Shafiq Remix)02. Population Control (Samiyam)03. In Love (Milo1 Remix)04. Your Summer Song feat. J. Mitchell05. We're All in Power feat. Evidence06. Population Control (Remix)07. Freaquency/Its Coming Down08. So We Can Move (PUDGE Remix)09. Stay Here feat. Muhsinah10. So We Can Move feat Co$$11. Population Control (Ruckazoid)12. Population Control (Grouch and..)13. Love Line feat. Blu14. In Tune (Assembly Line Remix)15. Mega Mix (Mike Gao Remix)16. It's Coming Down feat. Alchemist17. Summer Song (Take Remix)18. In Love (DJ Day Remix)19. Sound is God feat. AdaD20. Mega Mix feat. Fashawn21. In Love (Clutchy Hopkins Remix)


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