Esben & The Witch

Violet Cries

Esben & The WitchIn times of “drag” effervescence, Esben & The Witch more than cover the quota of dark emotions—although without rhythm boxes, bewitched voices or the electronic excesses of the screwed scene—of the catalogue of the veteran Matador label. Following their “Marching Songs”, a 12” that has garnered conflicting reviews (from warm indifference to great enthusiasm), this young and taciturn Brighton-born trio has dropped fresh details about their debut album. According to Matador, the album “easily ranks amongst the more audacious and ambitious debut albums, whether in recent memory or in this label's very long run.” The long player, produced by Daniel Copeman himself (one of the three members of Esben & The Witch), is entitled Violet Cries and will hit retailers on 31st January (eight days later in the U.S.). While waiting for it, you can listen to “Warpath”. If you like it, look for the download here.

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