Erik K Skodvin

The friendly side of Svarte Greiner

Erik K Skodvin  Svarte GreinerYou might know Norwegian Erik K. Skodvin as half of Deaf Center, as the head of the exquisite Miasmah label and most of all because it’s his most prolific alias, as the magician of the darkest and most terrifying ambient Svarte Greiner. But, just like everyone, there’s also a sweet little boy inside Skodvin and, between sorceries and black masses by ways of sinister drones, the Norwegian is releasing neo-classical tracks that are only moderately dark under his own name. After his recent “Penpals Forever And Ever” on Digitalis, Skodvin shows us his friendliest and most controlled side yet on “Flare”, an album which will be available from 22nd October through the Berlin based “boutique label” Sonic Pieces. Erik K Skodvin - “Flare”01. Etching An Entrance02. Matiné03. Pitch Dark04. Failing Eyes05. Neither Dust06. Graves07. Escaping The Day08. Stuck In Burning Dreams09. Vanished10. Caught In Flickering Lights

Erik K Skodvin - “Matiné” Erik K Skodvin – “Escaping the Day”

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