Recruit Schnauss

EngineersIt seems lately like German Ulrich Schnauss is more interested in the music of others than in his own music. Three years have passed since the release of his last studio album ( Goodbye, 2007), but we have no news about any new electro-shoegaze wonders bearing his name. However, the guy keeps himself busy. His latest venture has led him to collaborate with Engineers. The Londoners, pupils of the psychedelic school with shoegaze influences, have a new album on which Schnauss plays a fundamental role. Besides co-producing the album, the German has joined the band’s line-up as the official keyboard player. And it seems like Schnauss gets on well with Mark Peters (guitars, bass and keyboard in Engineers) because new collaborations have been announced between them in the near future—among them the score for Gregg Araki’s next film. The new Engineers album is due out on 4th October via Kscope.

Engineers - “In Praise of More”01. What It's Worth 02. Subtober 03. Las Vega 04. Press Rewind 05. There Will Be Time 06. To an Evergreen 07. Twenty Paces 08. In Praise of More 09. Nach Hause


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