Enemy Earth


Dutch label Eat Concrete has always been an example of eclecticism, progressiveness and open-mindedness. That’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise to find bands of flesh and blood like Enemy Earth alongside techno artists like Aardvarck and the intricate beatmaker Funckarma. If capo Pete Concrete likes it, there will be a place for it on his label. Enemy Earth is the personal project of Recor, a musician with broad tastes in music who seeks to reflect in his work everything that influences him, from sixties pop to spiritual jazz, psychedelic rock, ambient drone, exotica, world music and hip-hop. Two years after making their debut with “The Interstellar Commute” (Méga/Eat Concrete, 2008), Recor and his crew of musical explorers (in this case Avrey Muela, Anthony Giarrusso, Alex Maloney and Jar Moff) are back with “Bardo”. The album, less marked by beats than its predecessor, is a more refined and enigmatic effort, a kaleidoscope created with pianos, guitars, bass, brass, sampler and effects, described by Eat Concrete as a “70's psych-rock / ambient jam session where Bibio, Fripp and Eno all play along Buddhist chants and drums.” The album will be in stores next Monday.


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