Elektro Domésticos 2

New overview of Spanish elektro

Elektro Domésticos 2Those who have good memory and are interested in (the history of) Spanish hip-hop will certainly remember Elektro Domésticos (Tu Pierdes, 1998), the seminal compilation reflecting the state of things in elektro from Spain. Yes, you read it right: elektro, the techno of the ghetto, food for breakers, for addicts of cosmic imagery and synthetic ironware. Twelve years later, completely by surprise, volume two is released - Elektro Domésticos 2. Apart from obviously offering an update on the local scene, the record is also the first release on Fundamental Records, a new label captained by Alek Stark, who has also been in charge of selecting the 32 cuts on the album (already available on every format: digital, limited edition double CD and three different versions (the artwork and the colour of the vinyl change from version to version) on triple vinyl, 100 copies of each vinyl version.

You can listen to “Elektro Domésticos 2” following the link to Bandcamp.

Var.- “Elektro Domésticos 2”

01. Alek Stark - Alexis02. OCP - Nuke03. The Activist - Cross The Dark Side (Extended)04. Neonwerk - Vaporate05. Vagon Brei - Sacred Room06. Annie Hall - Defective Model07. Fastliner - Race Of Robots08. Replicante Norman - Estado Adverso09. Zuples Fuck - Premutos Hat!10. Synth Alien - Dancing To The Beat11. Spectrums Data Forces - Aliens (Extended)12. Meka - Superdroid13. Split DJ - Noises14. Elektrosher - My Reality (Extended)15. Uni-Mate - Uni-Mate´s Connection16. DJ Hash - Battle Of The Rythm17. Downrocks - Sounds Of The Street18. Khosmaker - Mi Forma De Latir19. N-Fecto - Travelling To The Stars20. Sace 2 - Planeta Funkongolia (Extended)21. Spanish Robots - Give It The Them22. Groof - Nightlife23. Freeze Rockers - La Forma Es El Vacío24. Deathmann & Meco Mokhardo - Señales De Otro Mundo25. Atöm vs Zode 2 - Electronaut26. Dark Vektor - Contactados27. Negocius Man - Dr. Jink28. J.S. Lop - Interacción Gravitatoria29. Helena Gallardo - Mind Games30. Shorai - Whatsx31. Mauri - Realidad Virtual32. Icebreaker - Speak&Hell 05:16

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