Electric Sunset

Adventures of Nicolas Zwart

Electric SunsetAlmost a year after K Records released the highly recommended “New Universe”, the second album by Nik Zwart’s clan of dream pop craftsmen, Desolation Wilderness, the band decided to split. Zwart proceeded to focus on going back to San Francisco in order to lay the foundations for a new solo project -still exploring the dream pop field but based more on keyboards, synthetic timbres and programmed rhythms- which will soon bear its first fruit. Zwart’s first album as Electric Sunset will be released on 7th September via K. As a first taster you can click here to download the track “ Soda”. Electric Sunset - “Electric Sunset”01. Palace 02. Future Dream 03. Morning City 04. Infinity Avenue 05. Here Comes Midnight 06. Soda 07. Relay 08. Last Night on Earth 09. Prayer

Electric Sunset . Soda.mp3

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