El-P + Killer Mike

R.A.P. Music

Killer MikeAfter his instrumental venting – “Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3” (Gold Dust, 2010)-, El Producto has now found a new play mate in Killer Mike. The man who used to be Def Jux capo and the Atlanta MC are working on an album that will carry the title “R.A.P. Music”, a name that should be understood as an acronym for “Rebellious African People Music”. Thus spoke Maurice Garland, rap writer and personal friend of both artists. According to Garland, “it pretty much sounds like what you would expect from these two. Dark, dense, gritty, raw and any other adjective you can come up with to describe all things hard and rough around the edges.” Far from being a solipsistic effort, the album will be a meeting point for a generous group of guest rhymers and producers that’s so far unspecified. The only thing we do know is that, if everything goes well, the record will be released in the Spring via Adult Swim.

Killer Mike - “Untitled” (Snippet. Produced by EL-P)

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