Edwyn Collins

Twelve reasons to lose sleep

Edwyn CollinsHere you have him, alive and whipping his tale again. Thankfully recovered from the brain haemorrhage he suffered in 2005, which forced him to learn how to speak, move and play the guitar again almost from zero, the distinguished Edwyn Collins is back with “Losing Sleep”. Old friends like Roddy Frame ( Aztec Camera) and Johnny Marr, and alumni like Alex Kapranos and Nick McCarthy from Franz Ferdinand, Ryan Jarman from The Cribs, Romeo Stodart from The Magic Numbers and the boys from The Drums have taken care of tucking in the former Orange Juice man and co-writing songs on the album, which will be released on Heavenly on 13th September. If you want to get the title track, head here and leave your email address.

Edwyn Collins - “Losing Sleep”01. Losing Sleep 02. What Is My Role? (feat. Ryan Jarman) 03. Do It Again (feat. Alex Kapranos and Nick McCarthy) 04. Humble 05. Bored 06. In Your Eyes (feat. The Drums) 07. I Still Believe in You (feat. Ryan Jarman) 08. Come Tomorrow, Come Today (feat. Johnny Marr) 09. It Dawns on Me (feat. Romeo Stodart) 10. Over the Hill 11. All My Days (feat. Roddy Frame) 12. Searching for the Truth

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