Getting to Sirius

Duffstep  Getting to SiriusDon’t let his name put you off, Duffstep has a lot to offer. British producer Jeremy Duffy has been dedicating himself to music for over five years now. He started out producing breaks and house in the shadow of the UK garage explosion. Later on, at the end of the noughties, Duffy found a new front –as Duff Disco– crossing disco edits territory. Duffstep –as his name indicates– is Duffy’s “dubstep” project; or as they say over at Join The Dots, “Duffstep is about 2-Steps short of a Dubstep and often moves in disguise to avoid detection.” Far from wanting to be swallowed or stereotyped by the dubstep scene, Duffy has always tried to offer something different, moving between the heavy bassline of dub(step), the new shining garage and a kind of narcotic and dreamy space-funk. In the wake of his acclaimed singles on Join The Dots, Saigon and Electric Minds, February will see the arrival of “Getting To Sirius”, a debut album described by the label as his “bid for freedom” like “a migration from early morning blissful sweeps and sonic washes to your basic all out space-rave” based on dub, slowed-down beats and heavy basslines. The album will be in stores on 14th February via Join the Dots, followed by a string of singles featuring remixes by Mark E, Session Victim, Riley Reinhold and Duffy himself, under his Duff Disco moniker.{vimeo }18661368{/vimeo}

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