Hiorthøy and the eternal female

DrivanAbout three years ago, a multidiscipline performance with a funny title - “The Potato Country”, a show containing songs and spoken words choreographed by Gunilla Heiborn- was devised by Kim Hiorthøy (better known by his design work and recordings via Rune Grammofon and Smalltwon Supersound) in collaboration with Swedish Lisa Östberg and Louise Peterhoff, alongside Kristiina Viiala from Finland. It must have been a gratifying experience, because once that work had finished, Hiorthøy proposed to the female triumvirate that they carrying on working as a group under the generic name of Drivan. Three years on, the band is getting ready to launch a new album, “Disko”, which compiles songs, all sung in Swedish, that alternate between electronic pop and folk with a progressive accent of music made in 70s Sweden. The album will be released around 18th August via Smalltown Supersound. Drivan - “Disko”

01. Somenläderlapp 02. Ingetmersen 03. Kämpa 04. Campingvagn 05. Låtdetva 06. Detgöringenting 07. Hårtiögan 08. Shamshalam, Shimshilim 09. Alltmanvil 10. Hej Då 11. Sönderslagna Möbler


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