The dreams of Ryan Graveface

DreamendFirst it was Tom Fec (two albums out as Tobacco), then his friend Maureen Boyle ( “Periphery”, her debut album under the The Seven Fields of Aphelion moniker came out in February) and now it’s Ryan Graveface who is embarking on an adventure outside of the psychedelic poptronic band Black Moth Super Rainbow. Graveface has decided to use the moniker Dreamend for a collection of songs in a vein that holds the middle ground between weird folk (screeching guitars and banjos), lazy acid melodies and fluffy atmospheres with dream-pop guitars. His first album “So I Ate Myself, Bite By Bite” will be released on 10th August, via Graveface, although those who want the vinyl can get one of the 250 copies already pressed. Dreamend - “So I Ate Myself, Bite by Bite”01. Pink Cloud in the Woods 02. Where You Belong 03. Magnesium Light ( listen here) 04. Interlude 05. Repent 06. A Thought 07. Pieces 08. My Old Brittle Bones 09. Aching Silence 10. An Admission


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