Dream Cop

Fog in your room

Dream CopAlthough it sometimes sounds like a band, a large family even, Dream Cop is the one-person project created by Tommy Davidson, a young guy based in Virginia with an unknown past as far as other musical projects go. Fearful of exposing his ideas to the judgement and censorship of others, he has opted for staying home and alone. His is bedroom pop linked to chillwave - slow, nebulous songs featuring samplers (on “Beach City / Carol I Know” one can hear The Beach Boys for example), percussion (both acoustic and electronic), shy synths and guitars supporting vocals that often seem to float in the fog, over clouds of oneiric dysfunction, which lead to an altered conscience or light sleep. After the release of his first 7” last summer via Output Noise, the Tough Love label has scheduled the release of “Daily Mirage's” for 26th October. The EP features seven tracks, including remixes of related artists like Teen Daze Cymbals.

Dream Cop - “[Daily Mirage's]” A1. Beach City / Carol I Know A2. Daily Mirage A3. Chandeliers A4. Marooned B1. Beach City / Carol I Know (Teen Daze remix) B2. Marooned (Fluker Love remix) B3. Beach City / Carol I Know (CYMBALS remix)Dream Cop - “Marooned”

Dream Cop - “Daily Mirage”

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