Downliners Sekt

We make hits, not the public

Downliners SektExuding attitude and a sense of humour with this title (a piece of dialogue taken from the film “The Harder They Come”), Downliners Sekt are back with a new release on Disboot. “We make hits, not the public” is the second instalment of that promised EP trilogy Dowliners Sekt will release through the Barcelona-based label. As on “Hello lonely, hold the nation”, on the new EP by this mysterious production team there’s no room for post-rock. Dowliners Sekt have evolved towards non-formulaic bass music, adding doses of soulful emotion to less misty bases that bring in clicks and fractured beats influenced by Burial-style dubstep, post-garage, clicks’n’cuts, rough ambient and the modern urban dub of the scape school. The album will arrive in stores digitally and on 12” on 6th December.

Downliners Sekt - “We make hits, not the public”01. From Under Spinning Light02. Incerta Glòria03. White Down04. Selfish

Dowliners Sekt - From Under Spinning Light

Dowliners Sekt – Incerta Glòria

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