Don Letts

Immortalised by others

Don LettsMusician, DJ, author, filmmaker... There are many sides to Don Letts’ creativity and most of them are captured in Superstonic Sound: The Rebel Dread,” a documentary directed by Raphael Erichsen and Edward Dallal who through Letts character (and his legacy) reflects on the bass sound influence in British music, drawing connections between dub and reggae to dubstep, and the traces left in punk, pop, hip-hop, trip-hop and so on... The history of the Roxy selector (there were many punk clubs mid 70s that discover Jamaican music thanks to Letts), a close friend of The Clash, manager of The Slits, member of Basement Five and Big Audio Dynamite (alongside Mick Jones), Trouble Funk collaborator and above all a filmmaker who specialises in the documentary (for example the celebrated “Dancehall Queen”, “Westway To The World” and “PUNK: Attitude”) and music promo videos (with over 300 credits to his name). This film is a personal portrait and a panoramic view of the sound system tradition in British society and music. The footage will have its première on 7th June at London’s Roundhouse, before touring across the documentary festival circuit.

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