“Boss Of The South” para Grizzly

Work is piling up for Michael Rathburn, alias Distal. He started the year working with HXDB and Mayhem on Surefire (the huge “Typewriter Tune VIP” still sings in our heads), released a few singles on Tube 10 and Fortified Audio - and finished his month of August with a first single on Tectonic, which had little to do with the label's past. In its wake, he's now releasing “Boss Of The South”, his debut on Grizzly, Sinden's label. During a stay in Austin, while on tour in the United States, the Briton claims Dubbel Dutch called him “Boss Of The South”. It was love at first sight. No wonder: the title track is a nervous and crushing tune combining influences from southern rap, rattling house, footwork and some rave sounds. It is an exciting composition of pure dance energy. “Coke Bottle” moves in similar circles, while Sinden, Capracara and Wheez-ie take both tracks to other territories in their respective remixes. The first gives it a 4/4 beat for the European dance floors, whilst the second makes it deep. Wheez-ie, meanwhile, goes all acid and hip-house on his two remix offerings. Available on CD and digital from the 12th of September.

Distal - Boss Of The South [Grizzly013] by onmygrizzly

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