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If back in the day you were slow to pick up on this one, then you’re in luck today. “Bitte Orca” (Domino, 2009), one of the most celebrated albums of last year, will soon be released in a special longer format. “Bitte Orca Expanded Edition” will be on sale from 27th September as a limited edition double CD (they’re talking about “premium” presentation, although they have yet to give details about the packaging), which includes the original CD and a second disc that compiles the B-side singles, their recent cover of “As I Went Out One Morning” by Bob Dylan, and the acoustic session that the Dirty Projectors did last year in the New York music shop Other Music.

As an incentive to pre-order, the first 50 people to reserve their copy through Domino’s online store will receive a copy of the single “Ascending Melody” (7” vinyl) as a gift. And if you’ve already bought the original album but are anxious to own a physical copy of their set at Other Music, look out for the 500 copies the group has made of “Live at Other Music” in collaboration with the shop, as a white label. You can order it here.

Dirty Projectors - “Bitte Orca Expanded Edition”

Disc 101. Cannibal Resource02. Temecula Sunrise03. The Bride04. Stillness Is The Move05. Two Doves06. Useful Chamber07. No Intention08. Remade Horizon09. Fluorescent Half Dome Disc 201. Fluorescent Half Dome (Live at Other Music)02. Temecula Sunrise (Live at Other Music)03. Two Doves (Live at Other Music)04. Cannibal Resource (Live at Other Music)05. No Intention (Live at Other Music)06. Ascending Melody07. Emblem Of The World08. Wave The Bloody Shirt09. Bitte Bitte Orca10. Stillness Is The Move (Lucky Dragons Remix) 11. As I Went Out One Morning

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