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Diplo  Favela on BlastAfter touring for nearly two seasons through half of the world’s festivals, the documentary “ Favela on Blast” will very soon be available on DVD. Three years ago, Wesley Pentz, better known as Diplo in dance alternative circles, took the opportunity of a stay in Brazil to film with Leandro HBL the material that would end up in “Favela on Blast,” a journey through the less fortunate parts of Rio, showcasing some of the biggest characters of the baile funk scene -aka favela funk or carioca funk- the raw rhythm of the Brazilian favelas. With the help of Sany Pitbull, Deize Tigrona, Mr. Catra, DJ Marlboro or MC Duda Do Borel, Pentz give us a closer look at the crudest Brazilian landscape and their daily funk carioca soundtrack. The film will be available on DVD and digital download from June the 20th. It’s released through Mad Decent.

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