Digital Mystikz

Lessons in urban ethics

Digital Mystikz We reported on this a couple of weeks ago: following the Digital Mystikz album (a triple one on the vinyl version) put together by Mala on his own, there will now be a second Digital Mystikz album (also a triple one) signed only by Mala’s partner, Dean Harris, a.k.a. Coki. So far we just knew about the cover artwork of an album that would be “come soon”. The arrival of “Urban Ethics” has now been confirmed, however, with the date of 13th December. As with Mala’s “Return II Space”, each of the album’s tracks (7 in total) will have their own side. Fans of Digital Mystikz should stay alert because DMZ is about to put out a new 12” by the duo featuring “Education” and “Horrid Henry”, tracks which have been previously released, but not on vinyl.

Digital Mystikz - “Urban Ethics”A: Shock It B: Old Hope B2: Serious C: Intergalactic D: Robotnik E: Animal F: It

Digital Mystikz - “Animal” Digital Mystikz - “Horrid Henry”

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