Digital Mystikz

Return II Space

Digital MystikzIt was in March 2009 that we first wrote about “Return II Space” - a triple twelve inch that it could be considered the long player debut by Digital Mystikz, the promoter team and production tandem who have had a crucial role in the development and expansion of the dubstep scene during the past half a decade. Recently we’ve learned that it’s not a joint effort but a solo one (even if the record record sleeve credits Digital Mystikz, it is Mala who writes the tracks, without Coki), and that the release date originally scheduled for May has been pushed back to the beginning of July. From 5th July, via DMZ/ST Holding, you should be able to find in store, “Return II Space”, with the following tracklisting:

Digital Mystikz - “Return II Space”

a. Unexpectedb. Pop Pop Epicc. Mountain Dread Marchd. Eyeze. Livin’ Differentf. Return II Space

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