Diesel + Uffie

Stellar collaboration

Diesel + Uffie Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans... In the end, the title of Uffie’s first album has turned out to be somewhat prophetic. The fashion world keeps building bridges with the pop world, and when it comes to choosing faces and bodies capable of setting trends, there’s no-one better than blonde Anna-Catherine Hartley, apple of Ed Banger’s eye and princess in her own right of electro-pop with flow, thanks to hits like “Pop The Glock”. The girl is sexy, fresh, wild, stylish and triumphant in the pop world, so it’s only logical that Diesel thought of Uffie as the perfect candidate to design her own fashion line for them. Together, Uffie and Diesel have created an exclusive mini collection –all the pieces have been produced in very limited edition– which includes high-waist jeans with satin detailing, jackets, bi-coloured leather bags, draped dresses... Intriguing cuts and mixed materials that will be available at Diesel stores early November, confirming once again the brand’s love of the freshest music.

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