Die Antwoord


Die AntwoordGreat timing for Die Antwoord, and it comes only two weeks after the resounding success of their collaboration with Aphex Twin at London’s Electronic Dance Festival (watch it here, and stay alert as rumour has it Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er might be named in the credits of Richard D. James’ new studio album). Interscope has just dropped fresh details about the American debut album of Die Antwoord, that hilarious monster of the South-African subsoil to which so many column inches have been dedicated over the past few months, regarding their combination of rap and rave music (or ‘zef-rap’ according to their own nomenclature). The album will be an amalgam of both old and new tracks—some of them taken from “$0$”’s first version, self-edited by Die Antwoord themselves in mid-2009, which was available on the band’s website until they signed with Interscope—and will hit the stores on 12th October via Cherrytree / Interscope.

Die Antwoord - “$0$”01. In Your Face02. Enter the Ninja03. Wat Kyk Jy?04. Evil Boy05. Rich Bitch06. Fish Paste07. $copie08. Beat Boy09. She Makes Me a Killer10. Doos Dronk11. Hidden Track

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