Diamond Rings

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Diamond RingsYesterday, almost at the same time the artist confirmed the news on MySpace, the people of Secret City Records put out a special press release to announce that they and no-one else (word had it Tomlab would do it) will be releasing the much-awaited debut of John O'Reagan, the androgynous man from Toronto with a tendency towards impossibly stylised DIY pop who likes to channel his emotions and eccentricities through the songs he makes as Diamond Rings. The Canadian has decided to recover the A-sides of his first two singles ( Show Me Your Stuff, possibly his best song to date, is not included sadly) as teasers for “Special Affections”, the debut album, which will be available in stores from 26th October. Diamong Rings - “Special Affections” 01. Play By Heart 02. Wait & See 03. On Our Own 04. You & Me 05. Give It Up 06. Pre-Owned Heart 07. Something Else 08. You Oughta Know 09. It's Not My Party1 10. All Yr SongsDiamond Rings - All Yr Songs

Diamond Rings - Wait & See

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