Destroyer Dan BejarOn 2nd November, Merge will release “Archer on the Beach/Grief Point”, the second manifestation—the first one was the especially alluring “Bay Of The Pigs”of the electro-experimental caprices of Dan Bejar, a.k. a. Destroyer , a character known mainly for his imaginative and caustic song writing, which unites heterodox folk pop and literature in songs that often oscillate between the frayed, and the sophisticated and graceful. So far we don’t know whether this 12”, which features two tracks by Bejar accompanied by the ambient-drone magicians Tim Hecker and Loscil , will define the path followed by “Kaputt”, Destroyer’s 9th new full-length album, to be released on 25th January. According to the barrage of ideas Bejar has included in the press release, the inspiration for this album comes from such distinct fronts as 80’s Miles Davis, communism in America, LinnDrum rhythm boxes, Roy Ayers choruses, V-Drums electronic percussion kits, films like “Last Tango in Paris” or the absurdity of writing songs nowadays. Now you put two and two together…

Destroyer - “Kaputt”01. Chinatown 02. Blue Eyes 03. Savage Night at the Opera 04. Suicide Demo for Kara Walker 05. Poor in Love 06. Kaputt 07. Downtown 08. Song for America 09. Bay of Pigs (Detail)

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