Depeche Mode

Big memorabilia auction

Alan Wilder, member of Depeche Mode for over a decade, decided to get rid of some of his most collectible items on auction site Omega. Among the items he is offering are pieces of equipment, exclusive records and memorabilia related to Depeche Mode and Recoil. Gold and platinum records, test pressings, original artwork, clothes and instruments used during legendary recording sessions and on tours like “Black Celebration”, “Music For The Masses”, “World Violation” and “Devotional” make this auction the biggest public sale of Depeche Mode memorabilia to date. This very weekend (2nd and 3rd September), a physical auction will take place, in the presence of Wilder, at the Zion Arts Centre in Manchester, but you can also bid online here. Wilder himself has put together a 20-page catalogue with descriptions and images of many of the objects on offer (about 400). You can check it out here as a PDF and even buy it as a book. If you're a DM fan, this is your chance to take a piece of history home with you.

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