Demdike Stare


Demdike StareAlmost three months after releasing “Liberation Through Hearing” (songs inspired by black arts, the occult and Tibetan spiritualism), Demdike Stare announces the last instalment of the “Voices of Dust” trilogy, a new exercise of arcane, spiritualist electronica blending animist techno, industrial-inspired noise, dark ambient, phantasmagorical dub and ethnic jazz. The 12” will be released on 29th November via Modern Love, as a limited edition of 200 copies made at Berlin’s Dubplates & Mastering studios. Don’t worry if copies run out before you get hold of one: Modern Love will release in December (the definitive data hasn’t yet been revealed) a triple CD entitled “Triptych”, including the entire trilogy: “Forest Of Evil”, “Liberation Through Hearing” and “Voices Of Dust”, along with additional material. More news to come.

Demdike Stare - “Voices of Dust”01. Black Sun 02. Hashshashin Chant 03. Repository Of Light 04. Of Decay & Shadows 05. Rain & Shame 06. Desert Ascetic 07. Viento de Levante 08. Leptonic Matter 09. A Tale Of Sand

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