Demdike Stare

Liberation Through Hearing

Demdike Stare Mancunians Miles Whittakker ( MLZ, half of Pendle Coven) and Sean Canty, Demdike Stare, the esoteric electronica project (or hauntology, if you prefer), have prepared their new sorcery spell. Around 26th July, Modern Love will release “Liberation Through Hearing”, the second offering of the vinyl trilogy that just two months ago launched with Forest Evil (Modern Love, 2010). The new songs by the duo are inspired by the black art s, occultism and Tibetan spirits. Each of the six tracks from the record refer to an image in the artwork by Andy Votel that you can peruse below. Demdike Stare - “Liberation Through Hearing”

01. Caged In Stammheim 02. Eurydice 03. Regolith 04. The Stars Are Moving 05. Bardo Thodol 06. Matilda’s Dream

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