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DeerhunterWhile you’re sticking their faces all over town, Deerhunter are finishing their new effort, Halcyon Digest, to be released via 4AD on 28th September. Last week the band unveiled the obscure artwork and the definitive tracklist of the album, of which no sound file has been released as of yet, apart from that succinct and rather unrevealing loop that greets those who visit the new website created by the Bradford Cox–led crew.

Remember that Deerhunter want your help promoting the album through virals. Their idea is for you to download this poster, copy it and stick them all over your town. Don’t forget to take photos of your poster bombing efforts and send them to, stating the city where the photos have been taken.

Deerhunter - “Halcyon Digest”01. Earthquake 02. Don't Cry 03. Revival 04. Sailing 05. Memory Boy 06. Desire Lines 07. Basement Scene 08. Helicopter 09. Fountain Stairs 10. Coronado 11. He Would Have Laughed


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