Mind Altar

Deastro Deastro, the animated fantasy outlet of synthetic pop and shoegaze from the genius of Ranbolf Chabot, has a new post at the spectral label. Ghostly say that following the release of his “first album” (the first to be conceived as a unit, recorded in the studio with a group of friends and released in physical format as is customary) -the brilliant “Moondager” (Ghostly International, 09)- Chabot immersed himself on a creative spiral where he composed a great number of shadier and more textured tracks, wrapped in noise echoes, which he gave away for free through his blog. Eleven of those songs, collected back then into two EPs of limited distribution ( Mind Altar, a compilation of eight songs on a cassette format and “Orange Swimmer Red Summer”), are ready to re-surface with a new re-mastered sound under the generic title of “Mind Altar”. Ghostly International will distribute this EP around 22nd June. Deastro - “Mind Altar”

01. Mind Altar02. Genesis Weapon03. Pastor Kid Redux Edition04. Mowgli The Linx05. The Concept of Land Ownership06. Divali07. Get Frostied08. World of Shadow09. Shield Whip [Bonus Track]10. Seven Fell From The Firmament [Bonus Track]11. Orange Swimmer [Bonus Track]


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