David Sylvian

Died in the Wool

David Sylvian Keeping in mind that “Manafon” (Samadhisound, 2010) is a mostly improvised album, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that David Sylvian sees the pieces of that album as a collection of entities open to multiple interpretations. “ Died in the Wool” is just that: a collection of “orchestral” variations and remixes of “Manafon” by Sylvian, in collaboration with Japanese composer Dai Fujikura (disciple and protege of Pierre Boulez; that should help you to estimate what it sounds like) and electronic producers Jan Bang and Erik Honoré. The album is completed with three new collaborative pieces ( “I Should Not Dare” and “A Certain Slant of Light”, adapted from Emily Dickinson poems, and “Died in the Wool”, a song featuring Fujikura’s strings, outtakes from the “Manafon” sessions and samples from the music of Skúli Sverrisson, manipulated by Bang and Honoré) and a second CD with a stereo version of “When We Return You Won’t Recognise Us”, a piece created by Sylvian as the sonic element of an art installation for the second Biennial of the Canary Islands.

The album will be released on 23rd May (except in the USA and Canada, who will have to wait until 31st May), but it’s already available via the Samadhisound website. You can read more about the project and listen to fragments here.

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